Man pretends to be run over and is caught by Tesla’s camera

In some parts of the world, a recurrent practice is the hit of being run over – in which a person approaches a car while maneuvering and pretends that the vehicle hit him to the point of injuring him. However, a person who tried to do this with the driver of a Tesla in the United States did not expect the model to have cameras around it.

It all took place at a gas station in Slidell City, Louisiana. Arthur Bates Jr., 47, claimed to have been run over by a Tesla. When police arrived at the scene, the man allegedly told officers that the driver hit him and threw him to the ground, causing injuries to his back, legs and neck.

Bates claimed that the driver fled the scene after the accident after the ambulance arrived.

The police went after the owner of the car, and found that the entire incident was recorded by the car. The video shows the driver stops the car before hitting Bates, who falls to the ground pretending the vehicle hit him.

With the video evidence, police confronted Bates, who “admitted to fabricating the entire event”. He was later arrested on false oath with the intention of causing a false call from an emergency service. Now, he could be sentenced to pay a fine of $100 to $1,000 (R$527 to R$5,275) and up to five years in prison.

Check out the video:

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