Mariano and Jakelyne meet their ex, Henri Castelli in SP

Jakelyne Oliveira met ex-boyfriend Henri Castelli at the Sambalove pagoda group DVD recording event this Tuesday (7th). The model was accompanied by the current, sertanejo Mariano, with whom she had already discussed mentions of her ex, during her participation in “A Fazenda 12”, when they started the relationship, after the model had been dating for about 4 months with Castelli, in 2020.

The recording took place at the Ruazinha bar, in São Paulo, and the release of the first SambaLove DVD is scheduled to be released in October. The famous were in a space reserved for celebrities at the place, but the ex-boyfriends did not speak and, according to “Who”, the actor, who suffers from psychological sequelae after aggression at a party, preferred to follow the group’s performance in another event space.

Munhoz, Mariano’s duo, attended an event with a new girlfriend after the end of their marriage

The backcountry of the duo with Mariano, munhoz, was also at the event with his new girlfriend, Alana Neto and was seen kissing his beloved, with whom he assumed a relationship soon after the end of his marriage with the nutritionist Rhayssa Carvalho. The wedding came to an end 10 months after a big barbecue event in February 2020.

In addition to couples and Henri Castelli, the event was attended by other distinguished personalities to honor the pagoda group, such as Naldo Benny, who attended with his wife, Ellen Cardoso. Munhoz and Mariano are special guests of SambaLove for the recording, as well as Tierry, boyfriend of Gabi Martins. The event complied with Covid-19’s prevention rules and tests were carried out on site.

Mariano and Jakelyne Oliveira perform new rhinoplasties

Last month, the couple traveled to Paraná to perform new rhinoplasties. On Instagram, Mariano posted photos of the couple with their nose bandaged after the intervention. The musician has spoken openly on previous occasions, and to fans of his social networks, that he has suffered in the past from surgeries that went wrong.

“Only those who suffer or have already suffered from an unsuccessful procedure know what I’m talking about!” he said, as he displayed the results. During the confinement in “A Fazenda 12”, the singer also talked about previous surgeries, the current being the 4th change made to his nose.

“The first [cirurgia] that I did, the shit guy. I did it unwillingly, I needed to make a detour of the septum and then I fell into the guy’s tale of vicar. ‘Since we’re going to open it, let’s get better here, there’… I did and the guy shits in my nose, then I did the second one and it got infected, wow… My breathing got worse by 40%, I got a hole here …” he explained to his colleagues in the reality show.