Marinho at Palmeiras, loan from striker, purchase of prominent economic rights and CBF decision: the latest from Verdão

Palmeiras trained this Wednesday (8), after the holiday, at the Football Academy. Abel Ferreira commanded movement focused on positioning, in addition to improving passes and submissions.

Defender Gustavo Gómez, who would only return at the weekend, will anticipate the resumption of movement in Verdão. With three yellow cards, the Paraguayan will serve an automatic suspension against Colombia in the World Cup qualifiers. On Sunday, Palmeiras and Flamengo will play at Allianz Parque for the Brazilian Championship.

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And Anderson Barros really tried to surprise in the market, huh? After polling Franck Ribery, the executive from Palmeira made a proposal by Marinho, from Santos. The player himself confirmed the onslaught.

At 22, the Palmeiras striker, who is on loan at América-MG, should defend Náutico until the end of Serie B in 2021. He had few opportunities with Coelho’s shirt this season.

Maurício Galiotte thought it was important to make this investment and buy another 20% of the economic rights of defensive midfielder Danilo. The player has stood out a lot in Verdão and may be called up soon, gaining even more value in the market.

19 Serie A clubs and the CBF confirmed, after the meeting, that there will be no audience until everyone has the same right. Flamengo, which has an injunction in court, is the only association that goes against isonomy.

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