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Here’s a person who understands everything about hot dog sales: Felix, character by actor Mateus Solano, in Amor à Vida! In the 2013 soap opera, he leveraged the business of marcia (Elizabeth Savala) thanks to her performances to attract customers in full 25th March, one of the busiest streets in São Paulo. Solano remembers well the success the character had in the plot of Walcyr Executioner, but it reveals a regret, which has to do precisely with the name of the snack, the star of this September 9, Hot Dog Day!

“It was always a lot of fun to shoot with Savala selling hot dogs. We started the scenes on an outdoor outside of Globo Studios, but, later, with the success of the characters, it became impossible to record on the street. Then we adapted it to a scenographic city within the Studios“, remembers the actor.

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Félix and Márcia selling hot dogs in ‘Amor à Vida’ — Photo: Globo

My only regret was that I was responsible for the further popularization of the term in english. I’ve always had hot dogs. I don’t understand calling it a hot dog…”, Solano vents.

Félix (Mateus Solano) and Márcia (Elizabeth Savalla) in ‘Amor à Vida’ — Photo: João Cotta/Globo

To celebrate the Hot Dog Day, nothing more fair than to pay homage. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of seven moments that made Félix the best hot dog seller of all time!

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1 – ‘Me? Selling hot dog!?’

Félix refuses to work with Márcia selling hot dogs

Félix refuses to work with Márcia selling hot dogs

Do you think Felix liked the idea of ​​selling hot dog with Márcia on the 25th of March? Of course not! After all, an “elegant-elegant” person like him – who even used English to make the situation a little more chic – wouldn’t go with the job.

“I am very elegant, I went to university, I have poise and personal magnetism.”

Do you know what Marcia replied? He threw it in Félix’s face that he was “dirtier than a chicken coop” (the list of bad things is also long!) and that he needed money to pay his own bills! Xiii…

2 – ‘Once elegant, always elegant’

Felix sells hot dogs with Márcia

Felix sells hot dogs with Márcia

In the end, after basic pressure, Félix agreed to sell hot dogs alongside Márcia and her famous van. And you think he lost his pose in his first day of work? Never! After all, “once elegant, always elegant!”, as he said to Marcia, who was startled to see him wearing Tuxedo and tie for the occasion!

“It’s not because I’m living below my social status that I’m going to dress like a scarecrow.”

Arriving on the 25th of March, Félix was startled by the crowd that takes to the street to shop daily. “Guys, but what is this? One march? What are these people doing together?” he asked, perplexed.

“Oh, oh, oh, it’s the apocalypse!”

And the workday had barely started…

3 – ‘Advertising is the lifeblood of the business’

Félix rocked with a new performance to sell hot dogs

Félix rocked with a new performance to sell hot dogs

Since those in the rain are supposed to get wet, Félix threw himself into sales. Now entitled to a Hawaiian necklace, red shorts and flower in hair!

“I’m loving it! I’ve always worked so well behaved… Enough!”

Style was also seen in the sales cries, which were successful with customers but left the competition angry. When approached by two other sellers, Félix replied outrageously:

“My dears, have you ever heard that advertising is the lifeblood of the business? First lesson in Business School. Ah, sorry, you didn’t go to Business School. Sorry!”

He played with danger, but he didn’t miss the class, nor the chance to make a mockery, of course!

Marcia leaves Félix alone in the hot dog cart

Marcia leaves Félix alone in the hot dog cart

4 – ‘It’s Felix’s hot dog!’

Felix boosts Márcia's sales

Felix boosts Márcia’s sales

And the partnership worked! Félix was so excited about the success of sales that he was already saying that the hot dog it was his and not Márcia’s, who immediately gave her “little boy” a tug of the ear. But he didn’t hesitate:

“It’s Felix’s hot dog! Come on, come on! There’s nothing like Marcia! They’re much more interested in my hot dog!”, she said, happy with her friend’s side!

5 – ‘I’m still Felix, the magnificent one!’

Jonathan seeks Felix

Jonathan seeks Felix

Felix was so famous on the 25th of March that he even won praise from other men! Do you think he was shaken by a line he got in front of Marcia? Of course not!

“You can whistle, because I consider your whistle a compliment. Even because I’m still Felix, the magnificent one!”, he replied to boy, without any modesty.

And it was at this time that his son, the Jonathan (Thalles Cabral), appeared… What a climate, friends!

6 – ‘Two sausages for the price of one!’

Niko sees Felix selling hot dogs

Niko sees Felix selling hot dogs

Speaking of climão… Who also showed up on the 25th of March to shop was Niko (Thiago Fragoso), who was speechless when he saw his friend wearing Santa Claus costumes, doing a Christmas promotion.

“Two sausages for the price of one! Lots of ketchup, lots of mustard, and lots of straw in a sausage that’s bigger than turkey! You get a sandwich and get a…hug! Jingle bell!”

Or rather, Niko managed to say just one sentence in front of Félix, his future great love: he asked for a hot dog! And then who was shocked was Felix!

7 – ‘Anything that brings me luck, it’s worth it!’

Pilar blames Márcia for Felix's situation

Pilar blames Márcia for Felix’s situation

After Jonathan and Niko, it was time to cornerstone (Susana Vieira) witness her son being the show man of the 25th of March! THE “mamy powerful” was amazed to see the noble boy wearing a flower in his hair and performing in front of the hot dog van. At least she left before she heard Marcia asking Félix if he had put on his lucky red underwear. in that day!

“I put it! Anything that gives me luck now, it’s on! We’ll talk later…”

What’s up? Is Felix the greatest hot dog seller of all time or not? 🌭🌭🌭🌭

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