McDonald’s Brasil to sell “M do Méqui” sign – GKPB

McDonald’s is one of the most loved brands in Brazil, and since the entry of João Branco in charge of the company’s Marketing, we have seen the chain bet a little more on its “love brand” side. There were numerous investments, such as the launch of a concept store and the Big Mac sauce, for example. But now the chain takes its biggest step in this direction, offering consumers the possibility of buying the famous golden arches that make up its logo. The information was obtained exclusively by the GKPB.

O “M of Méqui“, as they preferred to call it, comes with other letters so that the consumer can write their name or the phrase they want.

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M of Méqui

“M do Méqui” can be personalized with the name of the consumers. Image: McDonald’s Brazil.

“We want the brand’s fans to feel part of Méqui. In recent years we have worked to further strengthen our relationship with customers and we are always listening to our audience to understand how we can transform their experience with us into something even more special. Méqui’s OM is one more way to reinforce that we value the individual relationship that each one has with the brand” explains João Branco, who now signs as Vice President of Marketing at McDonald’s.

The campaign follows the strategy of reinforcing the unique connection that everyone has with McDonald’s. Earlier this year, the brand introduced the Méquizice concept, which celebrates the crazes and the special way that each one has to delight in the different items on the menu.

Price and availability

The item will be available for purchase from this 9th of September along with a McOffer only at participating restaurants. Anyone who wants can also buy it separately. Look:

  • Price of M do Méqui with McOffer from R$ 29.90
  • Single price from R$ 44.90