Medical society warns against misuse of roaccutane drug

The Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) issued a warning for the misuse of a medicine popularly sold under the name roaccutane.

Used to treat skin acne reduction, the drug is being applied with the supposed purpose of thinning the nose and has gained popularity. Isotretinoin has been gaining more visibility, including challenges on social networks.

SBD, however, draws attention to the fact that there is no evidence that the product has this effect on patients. According to the director of electronic media at the organization, Moysés Lemos, the drug works by reducing the sebaceous glands.

Only in the case of a disease called rhinophyma, a type of another condition called rosacea, can the nose shrink as an effect of a reduction in the glands that produce sebum. However, this does not mean that it will happen in other situations.

“There is no proof that people without this disease can have thinning. The nose has a big difference in relation to the person’s genetics. SBD does not recommend the use of the drug for this purpose”, explains the doctor.

In addition, unattended drug application may expose the person to adverse effects. Its use can lead to elevated blood cholesterol levels and harmful consequences for the liver.

“This medication has a particular effect on women of childbearing age. If they become pregnant using the medication, there is a 30% risk of the baby being born with a congenital malformation”, adds the director.

For this reason, adds the professional, the purchase of the product in pharmacies can only occur upon presentation of a special prescription made by a dermatologist.