Menon: Youth gave a reality check at Corinthians de Sylvinho – 08/09/2021

It was in the fields of cell phones, on the blackboard, on a clipboard, on the sheet of paper on a bar table or even, who knows, in some dusty starlight resurrected for the noble mission. That was how, or even in the palm of their hand, the Corinthians are designing and designing their new team, with Willian, Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes and Giuliano.

Only with Giuliano and a little bit of Renato Augusto there was a great improvement. Against Juventude, there would be Roger Guedes and the certainty that everything will be extraordinary with Willian. Showtime.

It was not.

Youth was much better. Vagner commanded the midfield and Corinthians did not play. It was dominated.

I just don’t say it was unfair because I don’t like to talk about rope in a hanged man’s house. We live in a country where a hydrophobic buffoon wants to deploy a coup against the STF.

It’s also hard to talk about injustice when we see a goal like that by Roger Guedes. Masterful fault collection. At 49 in the second half, Corinthians’ second shot on goal.

Some points seem clear:

1) If Renato Augusto can’t stand 90 minutes, it’s better not to start.

2) This magic square story never really worked out. It’s not just about putting it in the virtual field. You have to train to get results on the real field.

3) What’s the point of having Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes and Giuliano, if the ball doesn’t reach Jô? Is it a matter of time? Or is it time for an Out, Joe?

4) Who is that brand? It’s going to climb the four in front and make it tough for Gabriel. Or Ron? Or both. And if it’s a duo, that. Is it coming out? Mosquito? Who else?

Sylvinho has good players and the obligation to build a team. Better than two months ago, when the obligation was also underway and had to be fulfilled with Natel and Cafu.

, or even napalms