Mercedes-Benz Shows Car That Can Read Driver’s Mind

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Vision AVTR (Photo: Disclosure/Daimler)

Mercedes has incorporated, still in experimental format in its Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept car, a system so that its cars can read the drivers’ minds, enabling some operations to be carried out when thinking about them. This model was announced at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and was officially unveiled yesterday at IAA Mobility 2021, which runs until September 12 in Munich, Germany.

The name given to this concept car, Vision AVTR, is an acronym for Advanced Vehicle Transformation, being inspired by the movie Avatar, as the car, in the movie, connects to its driver. The novelty marks a partnership between Mercedes and Disney, with the delivery of this futuristic car.

How it works?

This car that “reads” the driver’s mind, will work through a system called BCI (Brain Computer Interface), which acts as follows: the BCI will be placed around the head, the person will focus on the symbol that marks the place you want to travel to and the system will have the ability to read the brain waves and encode them to the car’s on-board computer, and then the car begins its movement.


Vision AVTR (Photo: Disclosure/Daimler)

This mental activity is analyzed by an AI (artificial intelligence) system and does not happen automatically, it requires an adjustment process of approximately one minute that allows users to notice various points of light on the Vision AVTR’s digital panel. “The more intense the attention, the more intense the neuronal activity, experts say. “The device triggers the appropriate function in the vehicle”, such as opening a window or activating the air conditioning, for example.

“Mercedes-Benz is setting another milestone in the fusion of man and machine with the research and development of brain-computer interface applications in cars. BCI technology has the potential to increase driving comfort in the future, for example,” says Britta Seeger, Board Member of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, responsible for Sales.

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