Microsoft and LinkedIn bring resources to hybrid work

Do you know a person who runs over another person when speaking during a meeting? Do you have a hard time knowing who is talking with the small images that appear of people on your computer screen? If you answered yes to these questions, Microsoft announced this Thursday (9) a package of news that promises to make everyday life easier, especially in the home office.

Betting that the future of post-pandemic work will be hybrid — part at home, part at the office — the company has introduced new features for its productivity tools. From now on, the Teams video calling program will be more attentive in face-to-face meetings that are being shared by video with those who work from home.

The Teams will support smart cameras, which provide zoom on the person speaking during a meeting, focusing both video and audio on that person alone. Tracking is performed by artificial intelligence (AI), which will be activated from gestures of the person who is speaking.

In addition, the app will notify you when you (or another participant) are running over someone who is trying to talk.

Another new feature in Teams is related to PowerPoint. The program will gain a new function called “Cameo”, which will allow those who are presenting to “place” their Teams camera in the middle of the slides while presenting in real time.

The new feature, due to be released in early 2022, will allow you to customize how and where you want to appear during your slideshow. “Hybrid presentations aren’t just about delivering content, they also engage the audience, with nonverbal cues like facial reactions and gestures,” the company’s statement said.

‘I’m at home’

Another feature that Microsoft has announced is regarding warnings in Outlook. From now on, guests for certain meetings can specify whether they will participate in person or remotely, which will allow event organizers to better calculate and make the necessary arrangements for that meeting.

In addition, Microsoft announced a new HR tool called Microsoft Viva Connections, which will make life easier for managers when it comes to concentrating internal communication information and pending documents for employees of a company.

Jobs on LinkedIn

The company also announced news for its corporate social network, LinkedIn. Soon, it will be possible to configure restricted vacancy advertisements for the condition “only remote”, “in person” or “hybrid”, both for those looking for and for those who advertise.

Job openings advertised on the social network may also include information about the future: whether workers will return to an office at some point, or whether they will remain working remotely — or in a hybrid way.

“The evolving Delta variant is forcing many of us to adjust plans to reopen workplaces. It’s a glaring reminder that this is the new normal,” the company statement said.