Microsoft details features that promise to make Windows 11 much faster than Windows 10

On Wednesday (8), Microsoft released an official video on one of its YouTube channels in which it explains and points out other reasons why Windows 11 has managed to do considerably better than its predecessor in terms of performance.

According to Microsoft vice president and member of the Windows management team, Steve Dispensa, the new system it received memory and CPU resource management improvements that prioritize foreground windows.

was also promised a 40% improvement in the update process thanks to a new updates mechanism, which will download only the necessary files from Microsoft’s servers.

When the user is using a browser, the system will prioritize the tabs foreground when suspending inactive tabs and so reduce memory usage by up to 32% and CPU usage by 37%.

The developer also stated that the OS should be more agile and responsive, in addition to the resumption experience being “almost instantaneous” through a better memory and processor thread management.

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