Microsoft explains what it did to make Windows 11 faster than Windows 10

Optimizations in hardware management is the main improvement

It’s a little while before the definitive arrival of the Windows 11 and the Microsoft explained some performance-oriented changes. Windows Management Vice President Steve Dispensa describes what is behind the system and makes it faster and more responsive. The video was posted on the Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel.

The main change is in the system resource management, now with priority levels assigned to foreground tasks. The manager will focus resources on that open window that is being used, basically reducing processing directed to background processes.

Browsers will also benefit from resource prioritization. In this case, the tabs that are not being used will be paused, reducing the amount of resources allocated for it and increasing the performance in that tab that is open. Steve Dispensa says the system can reduce RAM usage by 32%, plus 37% less CPU processing with the function.

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Another improvement is in the code that communicates the system with the hardware. The optimization will reduce the delay between the user command (input) and the instruction being executed in the hardware, reducing idle time, making the response faster. Overall performance will be impacted with these optimized instructions, improving the use of features that handle idle and active functions.

New compression methods will reduce storage drive usage for Windows 11. System updates will feature a new method, decreasing the resources needed to download and install compared to Windows 10. With that, the size of updates to the new operating system could be 40% smaller.

Steve Dispensa says that all of this optimization in resource usage will benefit the system’s suspend mode return by 25% and that it will be done almost instantly for modern processor owners. Mobile devices (notebooks and tablets) make a lot of use in this way and this optimization is welcome for handhelds.

Windows 11 is officially released on October 5th and will be a free update for those who have Windows 10.

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Installing Windows 11 on a USB stick to take wherever you want – step by step
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