Motorola Introduces Accessory That Charges Batteries Up To Three Meters Away

Motorola presented this Wednesday (8) the second generation of wireless and remote chargers. Through a video released on social networks, the brand showed the accessory that can charge up to four devices simultaneously, with a maximum distance of three meters and an angle of up to 100 degrees in front of the device.

Air charging technology has already been introduced by some brands, and promises to completely change the way in which a device’s charge is recovered. With it, it will no longer be necessary to plug in a cable or place the cell phone in a base, just enter an environment and the device automatically starts charging.

The new generation is also able to function even with obstructions between the accessory and the cell phone — however, this ability is still unknown, as while the video dedicated to the Chinese audience shows the loading with a paper in the middle of the way, the clip in English just skip this scene.

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Clip uploaded via a sheet of paper is excluded from the Mandarin video (Image: YouTube/XDA)

According to Motorola, the solution uses integrated millimeter wave (mmWave) circuits and modules, together with a Smart RF Lensing technology. That is, the charger detects when a device is within its operating range — as well as its eventual movements — and directs the waves to provide a faster, more efficient and safer charge.

The new generation is significantly larger in size than the previous one, probably because of the more than 1,600 transmit antennas needed for further charging. Thus, the product is shaped and sized similar to a large modem, with the Motorola logo in a central position and indicator lights in the right corner.

The brand already works in conjunction with GuRu Wireless, a company specializing in remote charging accessories and other smart home accessories. However, their products are not for sale to the public and are not FCC (US regulatory agency) certified, and therefore are exclusive to developers evaluating the feasibility of such technologies on different devices.

The technology is still in the early stages of development, so there is still no forecast for launching the product to the general public. However, the brand claims it is working closely with GuRu Wireless to provide a “new generation of wirelessly loaded products” eventually.

Xiaomi and Oppo have already presented their versions

In January of this year, Xiaomi also introduced a remote charger concept that could support devices located in any position within a specific environment. The product would function similarly to Motorola, but it has “only” 144 transmit antennas and capacity for charging at 5W.

Oppo’s project, on the other hand, is more modest, as it only allows charging at a maximum distance of a few centimeters from the base. The brand gave few details on how its technology works, and what the speed of the charger would be. Like Motorola, none of the Chinese companies has launched a product of this type to the public, and there is still no forecast when the news may reach the market.

Source: XDA Developers

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