Motorola shows wireless charger working up to 3 meters away

Motorola introduced the world to the second generation of its wireless charger, capable of recharging device batteries without the need to touch the gadget. The accessory is capable of sending energy to up to four devices at the same time, and they can be positioned up to three meters away.

Wireless chargers have been on the market for some time, delivered by different brands and in many formats. The idea, even though it is widespread among many companies, is the same: you need to place the device that will be loaded right above the coil, touching the two devices.


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Motorola managed to remove this distance limitation in one station, which now arrives in its second generation. The company showed the possibilities of this new version in a post on the Weibo social network, where it shows four smartphones being charged at the same time.

At another time, the brand, which is owned by Chinese Lenovo, shows the cell phone being recharged when it is at a distance of two meters and then within three meters of the charger. To achieve the feat of sending so much energy so far, Motorola claims to have installed 1,600 antennas inside this new station.

Motorola station triples the range of the previous one

The change tripled the charger’s operating distance, as the previous generation could do the same job in a maximum of one meter away from the device. It’s still unclear whether being closer to the base makes the recharge happen in less time, or how much energy is lost until you reach the three meter limit.

The generous size of this charger makes it clear that it is aimed at public places and businesses. There is no forecast yet as to when we will be able to start finding these stations, but they can be very useful in places with greater agglomeration of people, such as city squares, coffee shops, bookstores or airports.

Via: XDA-Developers.

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