New Ford Ranger 2023 to be unveiled later in 2021

Now it’s for real! The new Ford Ranger 2023 had its presentation confirmed for 2021 in a video released by the North American manufacturer, which shows the average pickup in tests in different types of terrain, still well camouflaged. The commercial launch will be in 2022, in markets that will be supplied by production in South Africa. Brazil, on the other hand, will receive the pickup after 2023, when it will be made in Argentina.

In the video with just over 1 minute, the blue oval mark highlights the road tests made with the new Ford Ranger 2023, with scenes of the pickup in mud, sand, stone and snow, facing all the challenges. In some of the moments, the truck shows its strength, facing a rock climb. The focus was to show that Ranger continues to have an off-road car DNA in its next generation, so much so that Ford promises that it will be “the smartest, most capable and versatile Ranger ever made.”

The truck shown in the video still wears the same camouflage we saw in the screenshots, showing just a few pieces of its design. It is obvious that it will adopt the same visual identity as the F-150, as can be seen from the “C” shaped headlamps and with an LED outline for daytime lighting. It will also have a horizontal bar running across the front. The version used in the video has only two doors and a simple cabin, which shouldn’t reach here.

Leaked documents say Ranger will abandon the 3.2 five-cylinder to adopt a new 253hp 60.8 kgfm 3.0 V6 turbodiesel from the F-150, while the cheaper versions will use the 213hp and 50.9 2.0 twin-turbo diesel kgfm. The same source says the only gasoline engine for the regular version of the pickup would be the 2.3 turbo with a plug-in hybrid system, delivering 367 hp and 69.3 kgfm. Of course, Ford is already testing the Ranger Raptor sports variant as well, which would receive a 3.0 hp twin-turbo V6 with 405 hp and 57.4 kgfm gasoline.

Ford’s original plan was to produce Ranger in Argentina together with Volkswagen Amarok, as part of the agreement between the two manufacturers – the new Amarok will be based on Ranger, using the same platform and, rumor has it, even the same engines. However, VW gave up on assembling the new generation of the pickup in the country of Hermano and will only make it in South Africa. On the other hand, Ford has already announced an investment of US$ 580 million in the Argentine factory in General Pacheco and confirmed the regional launch for 2023.

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