Paulinho da Viola breaks the silence on the networks and calls for mobilization against Bolsonaro

Singer and songwriter Paulinho da Viola decided to break the silence on social networks and spoke, this Wednesday (8), about the coup threats by Jair Bolsonaro and his supporters.

Discreet, Paulinho is not in the habit of manifesting himself politically, but this time he deemed it necessary to express his opinion in favor of a mobilization against the current head of the Executive.

“It is impossible not to speak out in the face of unprecedented threats in our country’s recent history. The President of the Republic is investing in a campaign that pits Brazilians against Brazilians while the country’s most basic needs remain unresolved”, wrote the artist, one day after the coup attacks on the 7th of September holiday.

“It is urgent that society and political leaders organize themselves to guarantee the integrity of our democracy and our institutions”, he added.

Before this statement, the last time Paulinho da Viola had posted a Twitter post was on June 20, when the country reached the macabre mark of 500,000 dead as a result of Covid-19 – that is, almost 3 months ago.

“The dreadful 500,000 Covid deaths the country hit yesterday is a pain impossible to imagine. It hurts even more to know that many of these deaths could have been avoided. The unacceptable price of denial is charged to us daily,” he wrote at the time.

On Instagram, the artist’s last post was made on August 8th – that is, exactly 1 month ago.