Paulinho, from Roupa Nova, will become a father a year after his death. Understand

Singer Paulinho, former lead singer of Roupa Nova, and who died in 2020 as a result of Covid-19, will be a father soon. Elaine Soares Bastos, the singer’s widow, announced that she is expecting the couple’s first child, who lived together for 16 years.

On social networks, the woman confirmed that the pregnancy happened through artificial insemination. Due to a leukemia treatment, Paulinho froze the sperm, making the treatment possible.


The information was also confirmed by Reinaldo Gottino, in the General Balance Sheet. However, the situation is controversial due to the legal battle between the singer’s widow and children.

“It’s a bomb, because it involves a lot of confusion and controversy, whether she is Paulinho’s partner or not. In the midst of this confusion, she announced that she is pregnant. She is 54 years old and on the day that Paulinho would be 69 years old, she announced that she is pregnant”, revolted the presenter.

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