Pega Pega: seduced by Eric, Sandra Helena delivers Malagueta

Eric (Mateus Solano) will use his charm on Sandra Helena (Nanda Costa) to get important information. In the next chapters of “Pega Pega”, the rich man will put the former chambermaid against the wall.

“You already know what’s going on. They arrested Agnaldo. I came because I knew that you and Agnaldo were lovers for a long time”, he will begin.

“Yeah, but we ended up long before I became an heiress. When we kissed, I no longer dated Agnaldo”, will say Sandra.

I want to know about you. Who, besides Júlio, was Agnaldo’s friend and could be with them in this robbery?”, he will ask.

“With the naked people, they play at night. There are some kitchen workers too… Why are you looking at me like that?”

Sandra Helena will talk too much and make it clear that Cíntia (Bruna Spínola) is in love with Júlio (Thiago Martins). “And Agnaldo? Who else did he get along with?”, Eric will ask.

“With the reception staff. Gilda (Rhafaela Castro), Leo (Luís Navarro), Malagueta”, she will deliver. Eric will then decide to investigate Cíntia and Malagueta after extracting important information from Sandra Helena.