PlayStation 5 Pro and new Xbox Series X/S may have won release date in new leak

For many, the PlayStation 5 is still a distant dream, considering how difficult it is to get one. However, it seems that Sony is already working on an improved version of the console, something that should also be done by Microsoft, as happened on PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

According to a rumor published by the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead, the enhanced versions of the consoles already have a scheduled release date, as well as their technical specifications.

Starting with the PlayStation 5 Pro, the video claims that the new console is expected to hit the market between late 2023 and early 2024, with a particularly high price of $600 or $700. The source claims that this enhanced version could be based on a new RDNA architecture with TDP that could go beyond 300W, which would make production costs significantly more expensive.

In addition, the PlayStation 5 Pro can make the most of AMD’s Super Resolution FidelityFX, aiming to ensure a solid gaming experience in 4K and also targeting 8K, which should be the console’s flagship.

Microsoft’s plans, on the other hand, may be different and may even bring an Xbox Series S update to market as early as late 2022, with a price tag around $350.

The goal would be to increase the power of the console (with new 6nm AMD APUs and a jump from 4 to 5 TFLOPs), as well as lower the price of the Series S to prices between $249 and $189, as a way to further increase the price. access to the Game Pass, which is the pivot of the Redmond giant’s current and long-term strategy.

In 2023, however, it may be time for a new version of the Xbox Series X, with 6nm APU, but that could also result in a higher price for the console.

Of course, the above information is nothing but rumors, but updated versions of the consoles are more than expected and should hit the market sooner or later, serving as intermediate releases that predate the next generation of consoles.