PlayStation 5 Pro is expected to reach 2024 at US$700 using AMD APU with new architectures [RUMOR]

The rumor suggests that the console should aim for 8K performance

to enter the overhauled consoles fight, a Sony is working on an improved version of the PlayStation 5. According to Moore’s Law is Dead, the PlayStation 5 Pro should arrive from 2023, roughly the same period in which the supposed new version of the Xbox Series X is due to be released.

The “tuned” version of the PlayStation 5 too will have a new SoC AMD, as well as new versions of the Xbox Series consoles, according to the rumor. There is no technical specification, but Sony’s new console must aim for ultimate performance for 4K up to 8K. At this point we can only imagine or speculate how far the 8K resolution goes.

The PlayStation 5 Pro should arrive andbetween 600 and 700 dollars, what would it be about 75% more expensive than the base version of the console, which has its suggested price by Sony at US$ 499 (version with disc player). The difference between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro came to $100 (MSRP). The price increase can be attributed to the more expensive manufacturing process, which would be obvious.

While the new version of the Xbox Series S is expected to receive an AMD APU made in 6nm, the rumor suggests that AMD’s solution for the PlayStation 5 Pro would be based on new RDNA and Zen architectures, which could indicate a AMD RDNA 3 and Zen 4 APU, and be manufactured in 5nm. Also, regarding performance, the console would use the technology AMD FSR.

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YouTuber suggests that the TDP for the console would go from 300W. With that in mind, the console structure would be changed to support a cooling system capable of handling a TDP of this level, which further reinforces the increase in price of this PS5 version. The launch window for a Pro variant must be the same as for PlayStation 4.

In addition to these rumors about the possible PlayStation 5 Pro, Moore’s Law is Dead also said he knew of their sources which games would be shown by Sony at its event tomorrow (9). God of War, Gran Turismo, The Last of Us, Call of Duty and Stray should gain more information like trailers and teasers. YouTuber also says that “some surprises are being considered” but can’t confirm which ones.

Playstation 5 - much faster, quieter and with new control

Playstation 5 – much faster, quieter and with new controls
Sony enters the new generation with an excellent console


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