PlayStation ShowCase: what can we expect?

After being completely out of E3 2021 and just showing up quickly at Gamescom 2021 to confirm the postponement of Forbidden West horizon, Sony finally announced its own event to highlight its upcoming releases. Scheduled for 5pm on Thursday, September 9, this PlayStation Showcase promises!

Also because, unlike State of Play shows, which tend to be a little shorter, this showcase will have 40 minutes in total and focus on multiple games! Sony’s promise is that we will “know the future of the PS5”, with “news from PlayStation Studios” and partner developers, who will show games launching this year and 2022.

The event will be broadcast on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, and obviously we here at Voxel will also do our traditional simultaneous broadcast with translation of whatever it takes. After all, this has what it takes to be one of the biggest gaming events of the year!

Sony itself has already guaranteed that we won’t have any PlayStation VR games this time around, and that the showcase will be dedicated to “excellent PS5 games from developers big and small”.

Strong Rumors of Infamous

For now, no title has been 100% confirmed to show up there, so this is where the official information ends and our tidbits, rumors and hunches begin. If you follow our site, you may have already seen that one of the most recent rumors revolves around the possibility of a new franchise title infamous show up there, right?

This chat came from insider Shpeshal Nick, and is strengthened by the fact that Sony recently renewed its ownership of the franchise’s official website. Interestingly, Nick also leaked that we would have a Sony performance in September, and that the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok would show up there:

The return of the God of War

As developer Santa Monica has only released a brief teaser trailer of Kratos’ next adventure so far, it would make perfect sense to spotlight the game and show a new video in this PlayStation Showcase. This would make a lot of people hyped up, and the success or failure of the event may even revolve around the appearance or not of this one of the company’s main franchises.

To spice things up even more, David Jaffe, the creator of the saga God of War, released the verb last weekend and, in addition to ensuring that the game will have at least 40 hours of gameplay, said he doesn’t know “everything that will be on Showcase, but I know some things and fans who expect the traditional and excellent first -PlayStation party won’t be disappointed!” Check out:

Time to rediscover Naughty Dog?

And since we’re talking about first party successes, maybe now we’ll see the next project from Naughty Dog, one of the most acclaimed studios in the house? In the last few months, we’ve heard that they were already signing up for a fully multiplayer project, and there’s also been a lot of rumors about a remake of the first game in the series on PS5. Let’s cross our fingers!

But if it’s not time to revisit Ellie and Joel’s journey, Naughty Dog could also appear with the port of Uncharted 4 for PC, as a recent investor report indicated. This would make a lot of sense considering Sony’s recent strategy of moving its flagship series to other platforms.

News of games already announced

Sony still has some obvious cards up its sleeve to take up airtime. After all, some titles awaited by fans are lacking in news, such as Gran Turismo 7, the next chapter in one of the top franchises in PlayStation history, which was announced over a year ago!

Another game that can appear and make a lot of people happy is Final Fantasy XVI, since its disclosure is well linked to the PlayStation brand, having even debuted during a State of Play in September last year. On the other hand, it would also make sense for Square Enix to keep a possible trailer saved for its appearance at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

But how about you, how are your expectations for this PlayStation Showcase? What games would you most like to see there? Let us know in the comments below!