Police statement brings new information about death of Brazilian model in Chile

RIO – Two months after the death of Brazilian model Nayara Vit, who fell on the 12th floor of a luxury building in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile, the testimony of one of the officers from the Police Inquiry Section (SIP) gained prominence on Tuesday. fair.

During interrogation, Rocío Catalán said that on the same night the model was found dead, he spoke with a security guard from Las Condes, who reported that calls had arrived warning of screams and a possible fight, as well as the sound of a gunshot, he said. the Chilean newspaper La Tercera.

In her statement, the policewoman said that neither she nor the employee knew how many calls were received by the platform, and that is why they decided to consult the central to obtain the data. However, they were told they would have no way of knowing whether these warnings occurred before or after Vit’s death.

Catalán also stated that he arrived at the scene at 3:00 am after notification of Nayara Vit’s death. She reported that the apartment that the 33-year-old model shared with her boyfriend, businessman Rodrigo del Valle, was tidy and without signs of a fight. However, witnesses reported that before the fall, a vase of flowers fell a few meters from where the model’s body was found.

The information she disclosed was not included in the police report sent to the Public Ministry, according to the newspaper. Also including that the security camera records would rule out that the model was under the influence of alcohol.

Last month, Chile’s Public Ministry rejected a request from the defense of businessman Rodrigo del Valle, named as a suspect in the death of his girlfriend on July 8th. His lawyers had demanded the removal of prosecutor Omar Mérida, who is currently responsible for the case, so that he could be replaced by another.

According to lawyer Cristian Cáceres, who represents the model’s family, the other party’s request was made for not agreeing with the way the case was being conducted. Investigations into what caused the model’s fall continue, amid doubts whether what happened was an accident, suicide or homicide.

the case

Nayara had lived in Chile for 16 years and had a daughter. When she fell, in addition to the child, her boyfriend, executive Rodrigo Del Valle Mijac, was in the apartment. She shared an apartment with her boyfriend for six months. To the police, he told that Nayara threw herself. The family, however, disputes this version and believes that the model was a victim of femicide.

The investigations were taken over by the Chilean Homicide Department after the girl’s nanny reported an argument between Nayara and Rodrigo before the crash.

A friend of the model, Marcela Bakit, also revealed the existence of conflicts she would have with her partner. According to the Chilean press, Nayara and her boyfriend were at a restaurant the night the Brazilian woman died. According to reports, the two argued on the spot.