Porsche Taycan hits sales and hits 2021 target in 6 months

Electrification is here to stay in the Porsche. The German brand says it is doing what it can, but the high demand for the Taycan electric sports car has significantly exceeded initial expectations and its production capacity.

The company’s CEO, Oliver Blume, said (via Reuters) during the Munich Motor Show that the sales target of 20,000 units for 2021 was reached in the first half of the year (of which more than 5,000 in the US alone) – in Brazil, the sports car was the best-selling electric car in the first half of 2021.

“Our initial production capacity for the Taycan was 20,000 units this year – we sold that number in the first half”

The demand is “huge”, which translates to wait times for customers of up to about six months. Frankly, it’s a good problem for us.

“The orders received are many – they are also doing well in China”

Given these data, we believe that the pair Porsche Taycan / Porsche Taycan Cross Tour it will be Porsche’s third most popular lineup this year, having placed fourth in the first half and with just under 1,000 units behind the 911.

At the current pace, the company could sell 40,000 units in total by 2021, with the potential to do more. However, it totally depends on the production line and its maximum capacity.

This is a clear indication of a successful launch of Porsche electric models on the market. By the end of this decade, the vast majority of the German brand’s total sales will likely be all-electric.

Battery-powered electric cars seem to have come in handy for Porsche, as their price range isn’t a big issue, while the electric sports car delivers performance and at the same time a quiet, smooth driving experience.

Porsche’s next big step will be the Macan electric compact SUV, based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) with 800 volt electrical architecture and expected to hit the market in 2023. With the Taycan and Macan, Porsche should reach the level of 100,000 electric vehicles a year and begin to retire conventional or hybrid models from the portfolio.

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