Potentially dangerous asteroid will pass tomorrow closer than Earth’s Moon


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Asteroids are relatively small celestial bodies in the Solar System that orbit around the host star. Unlike planets, they are irregular in shape and have no atmosphere, but they can have satellites.

A lot of asteroids often pass very close to Earth. NASA classifies asteroids over 150 meters in diameter and flying less than 7.5 million kilometers from our planet as potentially dangerous objects, always keeping an eye on their passage near Earth.

This September, three large space rocks will pass close to our planet.

The biggest of all is the 2010 asteroid RJ53, which on September 9th will fly at a distance of just 366,000 kilometers from Earth, meaning that at some point it will be closer than the Moon, which is located at about 384,400 kilometers. 2010 RJ53 is 774 meters in diameter, slightly smaller than Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa tower.

On Sept. 11, another 137-meter asteroid named 2021PT will fly close to Earth at a distance of about 4.9 million kilometers, writes News18.

The third celestial body, 2021 NY, which was also classified as potentially dangerous by NASA, is expected to pass close to our planet on September 22 at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers.