PRF wants to end stoppages and blockades of truck drivers across Brazil

Blockades began with the September 7 celebrations; the agency, in a statement, says that during this Wednesday (8), another 67 trucker stoppages were stopped throughout Brazil

Until 5:30 pm this Wednesday (8), the PRF (Federal Highway Police) informed the Ministry of Infrastructure that there were still stoppage points and truck drivers’ blockades in eight Brazilian states, including Santa Catarina.

The Police aims to cease all concentrations until the morning of next Thursday (9).

The locks began to be carried out last Tuesday (7) –  Photo: Personal Archive/NDThe locks began to take place last Tuesday (7) – Photo: Personal Archive/ND

“The PRF is in all the identified locations and works to guarantee free flow with the tendency to end the mobilizations until midnight on 09/09. It is important to point out that the dissemination of videos and photos through social networks does not necessarily reflect the current state of the road network”, informed the Ministry of Infrastructure, in a note.

Trucks are also approaching other cargo vehicles. According to the folder, in none of the States there is a total blockade of the tracks. During the day, another 67 occurrences of demonstrations aimed at the total or partial blockade of the highways were contained.

The movement has been taking place since the demonstration in favor of the Brazilian government that took place in different cities, on the day of Brazil’s independence. The protesters called for the closing of the STF (Supreme Federal Court), and the removal of ministers, in addition to military intervention.

The National Association of Cargo Transport and Logistics, in a statement, said it had “total repudiation” of the strikes. “This is a movement of a political nature and dissociated even from the banners and claims of the category itself, so much so that it does not have the support of the National Confederation of Autonomous Transporters”, says the organization.

With the signature of the company’s president, Francisco Pelucio, the Association also says it is concerned about the effects that roadblocks may cause, especially in relation to supplying the production and trade sectors.

* With information from Agência Brasil