Rafa Kalimann cries as he remembers death threats

Rafa Kalimann cried when talking about cancellation on the internet and revealed that he was threatened with death after sharing a video of a pastor who talked about gay marriage.

“I don’t know everything. And I have a lot of responsibility about it. Imagine? 20 million people. And I hurt. I hurt. I recognized it right away. I shared a video of a pastor who talked about gay marriage. it was different from what the video actually is (…). It’s the first time I’ve talked about it. It’s difficult to say. I shared it with the intention of showing who uses the word to disrespect. People start demanding so much, that you know so many things, and I don’t know everything (…) I shared this video without knowing what message it has. In fact, I hurt a lot of people. I recognize that. I was very sad because at the time my despair was to have hurt the people I love. It was very bad to live that. But I learned that I have to be much more attentive precisely to not take this risk,” said Kalimann in an interview with podcast Pod Delas.

The ex-BBB said that after the episode, she received several offensive messages and even death threats. “It was very heavy. I was threatened with death when that happened.”

Kalimann also said that people demand a position from her all the time. “Once I got on Twitter and saw that they were asking me for a position on an agenda I didn’t know. I had to stop what I was doing with my family to be able to understand the subject and take a stand,” he said.

About politics, the presenter said that sometimes she prefers to remain silent because she doesn’t know what to say. “I take longer to position myself because I need to study, I need to understand. My study may take years, or it may take a week. It’s way beyond sharing something there.”

Also during the chat, she spoke about how the internet has helped the pandemic. “He’s at home, connected to the internet all the time, he gave us the good side of debating more, talking more, learning more. And I think we’ll get out of what we’re living now knowing things we didn’t know before .”