Rafa Kalimann cries when citing cancellation and death threat

Rafa Kalimann cries during the podcast (Photo: Reproduction)Rafa Kalimann cries during the podcast (Photo: Reproduction)

Rafa Kalimann she has a home in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Goiás. The ex-BBB, who launched a program on Globoplay four months ago, spoke of her residence in Cidade Maravilhosa.

— The house in Goiânia I rented for someone to live in and I took my things from there. She’s mine but she’s rented. Now my base is in Rio. My base is in Uberlândia. My sister, my brother and my father are there. My office is there, inclusive. And I have the one in Rio. Now my mother came to São Paulo. It arrived last week. In Rio, I have two cousins ​​who live there with me. They help me take care of the house and the dogs. It’s beautiful, right? It looks like a doll. Is beautiful. It’s delicious there. Sounds like Orlando, right? They look like those little houses in Orlando. said Rafa on the Pod Delas podcast.

The presenter recalled the meetings they held at her farm in Goiás and said that she is thinking about moving back to the Midwest of the country:

‘One day I’ll come back to live there. My base is in Rio on behalf of Globo.


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The Minas Gerais woman reported how was the experience of participating in the “BBB”. She was part of the 2020 cast. Her ex-husband Rodolffo made the 2021 edition of the show. The singer even revealed that he thought about taking a gift from his ex to the house. Rafa explained that, in fact, he was prepared with a coach to enter the reality show and justified why he has been hiring this type of professional for years:

“I did prepare myself, in life. I always studied hard to apply in my career, in my work. If you like it, you have to seek knowledge of this (…) I invested a lot to have it. What would be the problem? (…) I did a year of Psychology. I always liked it a lot. In fact, I prepared and studied a lot, just to apply it to my career. If you like something, you have to study, not necessarily with a coach. When I came in, they used it as something negative, but when I saw what they were talking about, I said, “That’s good.” Sign that they noticed an evolution that I sought to have. What would be the problem? You’re going to make a show of your life. How are you not going to prepare for this? Thank God I started preparing myself about seven years ago.

The presenter reported what changed after her time on the TV show directed by:

“I learned to give myself time.” I learned that I need to stop from time to time, that I need to go without a cell phone. I don’t go in for three days. I’ve already gone a week without entering. An annoying thing happened. I got cancelled.

Rafa Kalimann commented on what caused it to be cancelled:

“I don’t know everything. And I have a lot of responsibility for that. You’re welcome? Twenty million people. And I hurt. I hurt. I recognized this immediately. I shared a video of a pastor who talked about gay marriage. And my view of the video was different from what the video actually is (…) It’s the first time I talk about it. It is hard to talk. I shared with the intention of showing who uses the word to disrespect. People start demanding so much from you, that you know so many things, and I don’t know everything (…) I shared this video without knowing what message it has. In fact, I hurt a lot of people. I recognize it (…) I was very sad because at the time my despair was having hurt the people I love. It was very bad to live that. But I learned that I have to be much more attentive.

The ex-BBB says that she received messages with criminal content:

“It was very heavy. I was threatened with death.

The host of “Casa Kalimann” revealed that a phrase shared on the web citing Karol Conká and calling the singer “empty” also raised concerns:

“I defended Thelma. I felt entitled to defend because the “BBB” 20 award went to Thelma. No one has the right to touch this Thelma award. I get disgusted. I defended Thelminha because seeing a woman say that about another woman caused me a lot of anger. That was at the beginning of “BBB” 21. After it came out (the controversy involving Karol Conká and Rafa Kalimann). It was a funny situation because I was there at Projac, I had just met them and the audio that Karol released came out. People started to get the tweet as if I had spoken at that moment (…) I took it a lot later. After “BBB” I watched Karol’s documentary. In fact, I saw that she is seeking to learn and change (…) Even today this bomb is reverberating. For having called her “empty” (…) I apologize if I hurt Karol Conká. I have no intention of going through with it.

Rafa Kalimann says he called Conká 'empty' when he saw her talking about Thelma Assis at 'BBB' 21 (Photo: Reproduction)Rafa Kalimann says he called Conká ’empty’ when he saw her talking about Thelma Assis at ‘BBB’ 21 (Photo: Reproduction)

Rafa Kalimann at his home in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Reproduction)Rafa Kalimann at his home in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Reproduction)

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