Rezende requires Virginia percentage on profit of R$ 20 million

The team that works with the mega youtuber Pedro Rezende explained to the column Leo Dias the real reason for the lawsuit in which he asks Virgínia Fonseca for 4 million reais. Contrary to what we thought, it does not refer to the breach of the contract between them, but rather to a “percentage of profits generated through Rezende’s company that were not transferred”.

The column then made an informal projection. If Virginia should have transferred 4 million, and usually entrepreneurs keep 20% of the value of the contracts, this means that Virginia would have invoiced in the old company only 20 million reais.

understand the case

Virginia filed a labor lawsuit against Pedro Rezende, her ex-boyfriend and owner of the agency she was part of, the ADR. The lawsuit filed by the influencer asks for the cancellation of the payment of the fine for early termination of the contract and also requests the recognition of an employment relationship between her and the company, with the consequent payment of vacations, severance pay, FGTS, among others.

Before that, Zé Felipe’s wife tried to reach an agreement with the ADR, but the company refused the offer made by the blonde and decided to file a lawsuit against her, demanding the payment of the full amount of the commission due on the influencer’s earnings, which had been agreed between the parties.