Roberto Carlos posts video after Dudu Braga’s death: ‘My son is my great idol’ | celebrities

Roberto Carlos and his son, Dudu BragaInternet Playback

Posted 09/09/2021 07:40 | Updated 09/09/2021 07:52 AM

Rio – After the death of Dudu Braga, singer Roberto Carlos, 80, posted a video on Instagram this Wednesday night in which he talks about his son. Dudu died at the age of 52, victim of peritoneal cancer. In the images, taken for an old interview, the reporter asks Roberto if he has any idols.

“My son is my great idol. I have a great idol in my life: my son. Dudu is fantastic. He’s awesome”, says the singer in the 2001 interview, which was recovered by the program “Vídeo Show”, on TV Globo . In another post, Roberto’s profile posted a video with several pictures of him and his son. “Dudu, you are unforgettable and irreplaceable for us. See you soon”, said the caption of the image, posted by the singer’s team.

Dudu Braga shared his cancer diagnosis in an Instagram post in September last year. By 2019, he had already undergone two other treatments for pancreatic cancer. In July of this year, the music producer said that doctors changed the chemotherapy after verifying that there was neither progression nor regression of the tumor.

According to Roberto Carlos’ press office, Dudu Braga’s wake will be reserved for the family.