Roberto Carlos publishes video after Dudu Braga’s death: ‘Big idol in my life’

After death of Dudu Braga this Wednesday (8), victim of peritoneal cancer, at age 52, the singer Roberto Carlos made two posts on his Instagram account in honor of his son.

The first of them, signed by his team, shows a video with several photos of Dudu at various times in his life, alone or with his father, including an old image of the King holding Dudu in his lap when he was born.

The 30-second video has as its soundtrack the introduction of the song “Todos Está Surdos”, by Roberto. “Dudu, you are unforgettable and irreplaceable for us. See you soon!” says the caption signed by RC Team.

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In the following post, subtitled only with an emoji with a blue heart, we see a video from years ago, from a report on TV Globo’s “Vídeo Show”, in which Roberto answers to the then reporter Ana Furtado if he has any idols.

Roberto reflects for a few seconds and responds, very emotional: “I have a great idol in my life: my son. Dudu is fantastic. He’s the best.”

During Roberto’s response, a video is inserted by Dudu commenting on his father: “I’m going to say what he always says to me. May God protect and bless you. I love you so much, daddy”.

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Death of Dudu Braga

The 52-year-old music producer died victim of peritoneum cancer. The information was confirmed by journalist Fefito on the program “Mulheres”, on TV Gazeta, and by Boninho, director of Globo and a personal friend of Dudu.

Since September last year, he had been fighting a cancer of the peritoneum (membrane that surrounds the abdominal wall). This is the third diagnosis of Dudu’s disease, which won two battles with pancreatic cancer in 2019.

Dudu Braga leaves his wife Valeska Braga, to whom he has been married for 17 years, and Laura, the couple’s 5-year-old daughter.

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