Róger Guedes says he scored the second free kick in his career and celebrates his debut for Corinthians | corinthians

Striker Róger Guedes spoke in a video released by Corinthians this Wednesday about the emotion of having made his debut for Timão with a free-kick. The goal scored at the end of Tuesday’s match secured a point on the leaderboard, as it secured the score 1-1 against Juventude.

– A debut the way I dreamed a part, I was wanting to debut with goals, which is important. It lacked the victory to debut with the right foot. In the individual part, I felt good, with a goal, and in the physical part too. I worked very well this week and in the eight months I was not playing.

See Róger Guedes's debut for Corinthians

See Róger Guedes’s debut for Corinthians

The goal by Róger Guedes had a participation of Luan. Shirt 7 had caught the ball before to take the foul, but gave up the turn after a request from the rookie.

I saw that it was a good foul to hit, I asked Luan: “Let me hit”. And he said: “You can take it, good”. I wanted to get the first one too, but Fagner hit, we trained together yesterday. I felt good to hit that one, I saw that the goalkeeper left the corner a little more open and I was happy with the shot.

Róger Guedes at Corinthians training at CT — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag.Corinthians

According to the 24-year-old striker, it was the second goal of his career scored in this way.

– In China I did one in a championship in Hong Kong, in 2019, Gil was still present (at Shandong Luneng). It was a beautiful goal. This was my first in Brazil.

Corinthians finished the first round of Brasileirão with 28 points, in sixth position. In the next round, they face Atlético-GO, on Sunday, at 18:15 (GMT), in Goiânia.

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