Rueda denies medical error at Santos and imposes conditions to sell Marinho – 09/09/2021

President Andres Rueda hit forward Marinho this Thursday, after the presentation of coach Fábio Carille. The top hat explained the 11 shirt’s recovery process and pointed out that at no time the club gave the player a return period.

With an injury to the left thigh, a region in which a bruise appeared, Marinho stated that he had undergone a surgical procedure and that he still does not train normally, going against what Santos reported to the press. As anticipated the UOL Sport, Marinho underwent a puncture, a kind of drainage, to remove the clotted blood from the region.

“The understanding of medical error does not apply in this case. Marinho had been recovering from fibrosis, he began the transition and had a hematoma on his left thigh. I’m not a doctor, but I learned the sequence from so much talk. The first procedure is a puncture. With the syringe. and the needle gets to this clotted blood and tries to extract. This was done, a normal procedure and it was the first to be done. And it didn’t give the expected result. Thigh didn’t deflate… With all the support of the board and medical team, Marinho he went to the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, with the greatest specialist in the area. He agreed with the puncture, but the volume of the hematoma is high and we have to drain it,” he said.

“Drainage can be done in an office or anywhere, but being a football player, it was decided that it would be in an operating room. Controlled environment, without infection… Drainage is nothing more than an opening, placing the drain and the capillary drain pull the blood. This was done, the stitches were placed and the recovery process was normal of drainage. He underwent physiotherapy and is in a process of readjustment, training now, to be able to play when he is 100% in the technical part “he explained.

“The club did not give a deadline. Drainage was performed and, after the procedure, we asked the estimated time. And if they said that, between 15 days and a month. It was the deadline more or less set by the doctor responsible for the surgery. Board and medical department they were with the player at all times,” he added.

The president of Santos also pointed out that there are conditions with Marinho for him to be sold: an interesting proposal not only for the player, who has the desire to play in Arabia, but also for the club. The contract for shirt 11 runs until December 2022.

“Santos did not have any consultation with Atlético-MG. In the case of Palmeiras, it was a conversation between presidents, nothing more than that. We did receive proposals from the UAE. Marinho would like to go for remuneration, that was the dream, United Arab Emirates. It was not Europe or the United States, but there. And we agreed to do business if an acceptable proposal arrived. The three that arrived did not interest Santos,” said the president.

Still in the process of recovering from the procedure, Marinho should not act in front of Bahia, on Saturday (11), at 9 pm (GMT), in Vila Belmiro, for the Brazilian Championship. Coach Fábio Carille will have his first contact with the squad this afternoon and should closely assess Marinho’s case to find out whether or not to give him a few minutes against the Bahians.