Saúde updates the website and includes the Park’s post in the vaccination of this 4th

The Health Department of the Federal District updated the information on the vaccination sites against Covid-19 this Wednesday (8/9) and included the City Park. Until 10:00 am, the folder’s website did not show the Park as one of the points of application of the first and second doses in the DF today.

The immunization station in Parking Lot 13 of Parque da Cidade applies first doses to people aged 18 and over and second doses of AstraZeneca and Coronavac.

Check out the D2 application locations this Wednesday:

Anyone who was vaccinated outside the DF and intends to take the second dose in the capital must present, along with the vaccination card, proof of residence. Already people who took the first dose in the federal capital must only present the vaccination card of the Department of Health.

Those who have not yet taken the first dose can start the vaccination cycle in the following places:

Queues at gas stations

The DF dawned with queues at the vaccination posts this Wednesday (8/9), when the Department of Health starts anticipating the second dose for those who had the schedule of D2 scheduled for until 24 September. Immunization points give booster to those who received Covid-19 vaccines from AstraZeneca or Pfizer on D1.

At the University Hospital of Brasília (HUB), the movement is great. At 9:30 am, the line for vaccination at the site had more than 80 people.

The couple Indira Quaresma, 47, and José Luiz Quaresma, 48, had their vaccinations scheduled for September 19, but could anticipate it for this Wednesday. “I’m very happy to be able to advance my cycle. We were anxious and being able to complete the immunization soon is a great happiness”, said the lawyer.

José was also excited for D2. “We don’t mind the queue, even though it’s going pretty slow today. We are happy and reassured that if a third dose appears, we will already be able to take it”, said the systems analyst.

See how the HUB queue is:

At UBS 2 in Guará, D2 is also applied only from AstraZeneca and there are queues this morning. Check out the images: