Security cited reports of screaming and even shooting on the night of the tragedy

A security guard from the Las Condes neighborhood in Santiago (Chile), where Cuiabana Nayara Vit died, said he had received several phone calls from residents reporting fights, screams and even the sound of gunfire coming from the surroundings, on the night of the tragedy.

The information is contained in the statement given by the police officer of the Police Inquiry Section (SIP), Rocío Catalán, who was at the scene of the crime.

Nayara, 33, died on July 8, after falling from the 12th floor of the building where she lived with her companion Rodrigo Del Valle Mijac.

Rócio told the Public Ministry that a member of the so-called Citizen Security reported to her that he had received calls that night warning of screams and a possible fight, as well as the sound of a gunshot.

Citizen Security is a model of community security that exists in neighborhoods in the Chilean capital.

“Before the Public Ministry, the official acknowledged that he [o segurança] I had told him that calls had arrived to phone 1402 indicating that screams were heard, not knowing if it was a fight or someone asking for help, and that even one of the neighbors reported the sound of a gunshot”, says the newspaper report.

Security, however, was unable to say whether the calls were before or after Nayara’s death.

The information is important because the Public Ministry of the country wants explanations on why police officers who attended the incident already classified it as “suicide” before a previous investigation.

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The police officer revealed that she arrived at the model’s apartment around 3:00 am, right after the notification of Nayara Vit’s death, and saw the property tidy. At the scene, witnesses told the police that a vase of flowers fell from the balcony minutes before the model’s death.

Upon arrival, she requested access to the security cameras in the building and surrounding areas. According to the report, the police officer stated that the images would rule out that the model was under the influence of alcohol.

“In terms of the security cameras she triggered that night, she says that Vit, after getting out of the car, walked well, and not staggering, as she may have realized whether or not he was under the influence of alcohol.”

Nayara’s death

The policewoman’s testimony matches the testimony of the nanny of Nayara’s daughter, who was sleeping with the child in one of the rooms, said she heard screams.

The family also claims to have discovered that the apartment has been cleaned twice and furniture has been moved.

Nayara’s cell phone, purse and wallet disappeared after her death.

In the boyfriend version, the model ran towards the balcony and jumped without saying anything first. However, the family does not believe and asked that the crime be investigated on account of the hypothesis of femicide.

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