See official contacts to try to solve problems in the app

Those who use the Caixa Tem app are complaining about some difficulties in carrying out a series of activities in the app. On social networks, for example, there are people saying that there are problems in making payments by PIX. Those who receive Emergency Assistance are also saying that they cannot move the amounts.

This Wednesday (8), Caixa Econômica Federal returned to pronounce itself on the matter. The bank offered a series of official contacts so that those people who are having problems can report them to agents. The idea is that in case of complex situations, the technical team will be able to provide a solution for this.

According to the bank, the individual who is in trouble can report this to them by calling the support number which is 3004 1104. This number is only valid for people who are in capitals or metropolitan areas. Those in other locations need to call 0800 726 0104.

No need to worry about the cost issue. In both cases, we are talking about free calls. Anyway, you need to pay attention to the opening hours. According to Caixa, you only need to call on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 7am to 8pm.

Citizens can also try to contact the bank through social networks. According to the directors themselves, it is possible to send a direct message to Caixa’s official Twitter profile, for example. There are reports that they do not respond very quickly, but this could be another way of contact.

Cashier Problems

Remember that this is not the first time that the Caixa Tem application registers problems. According to reports on social networks, many people have gone through several undesirable situations with the app in recent months.

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There are reports, for example, that the app would not even be opening. Some people even complained that the money had disappeared from the account and others even talk about the total blocking of the app.

Most of the time, these complaints tend to grow right during the period when the Emergency Aid money is released. Analysts believe that the large number of people wanting to use the application at the same time could end up causing this.

Emergency Assistance

According to official information, the more than 37 million users of Emergency Aid can use Caixa Tem to move money from the program. And in some cases, this is the only option for moving the amount.

Anyone who has problems with the app and needs to use Emergency Assistance can try to make the transfer through Internet Banking. A third way would be the withdrawal of cash at agencies throughout Brazil.

Caixa Tem should play a decisive role in the payments of the new Bolsa Família. At least that’s what’s expected. According to information from the Federal Government, this should start to happen from next November.

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