See the first confirmed participants in the reality show

Record TV announced today, during the program “Hoje em Dia”, the first pawns of “The Farm 13”. Among them are: Nego do Borel, Tati Quebra Barraco, Mussunzinho and Arcrebiano.

Altogether, seven participants were presented — there are still 13 open. Next Monday (13th), at 22:45, on TikTok, Rodrigo Faro will lead a live that will reveal other names. The reality show, which will feature Adriane Galisteu in the presentation, opens next Tuesday (14).

Check out the list:

Mileide Mihaile

Ex-wife of Wesley Safadão and digital influencer, she gained more spotlight after the troubled separation from the singer — with whom she has a son, Yhudy. Now, he has ensured that audiences will see “the real Mileide” on the show.

It will be a huge challenge, but also a unique opportunity to make you know me outside the stories, those 15 seconds are not enough to show who I really am and in fact my history and roots. wrote Mileide in a post on social media


If one is too little and two is good, is three too much? Not for Arcrebian. Also known as Bil Araújo, he agreed to enter his third reality show of 2021.

This year, Bil has already passed the “BBB 21” — asking for votes from the public and being the second eliminated — and also the “No Limite” — after declaring that he was likely to leave because he was not 100% focused. For “A Fazenda 2021”, he guaranteed that he will not star in another withdrawal.

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Tati Breaks Shack

Every year there is an expectation that the singer will accept to participate in some reality show, and this time the rumor came true. Anticipating her participation in the program, funk queen Tati Quebra-Barraco said she liked Viviane Araújo, Nicole Bahls and Andressa Urach in other editions, and promised to honor her own name in “A Fazenda”.

Starting today, it’s Tati Quebra Fazenda, forget about the Barraco! joked the artist in a promotional video


Involved in controversies after the end of her relationship with Duda Reis — she filed a police report against the singer after revealing that she suffered physical aggression and commenting on the case on social networks — Nego do Borel said he accepted the invitation to participate in the reality show because he wants to show your personality to fans.

Recently, the Rio justice system rejected the singer’s accusations against his ex-fiancée, Duda Reis. In this regard, Nego do Borel said that he will not be able to address all issues within the program.

Liziane Gutierrez

The 35-year-old model — who attacked Sanitary Surveillance agents for interrupting a clandestine party in São Paulo during the new coronavirus pandemic — is a pocket fighter and has already been a candidate (disqualified) for the Miss Butt contest.

In addition, Liziane’s list of achievements is long: she has already been expelled from a concert by singer Dua Lipa because of her support for Bolsonaro and, a fan of cosmetic procedures, has already fallen into a coma after surgery.

Mussunzinho (Antonio Carlos)

Son of humorist Mussum, Mussunzinho (Antônio Carlos) has already acted in prominent soap operas such as “América”, “Caminho das Índias”, “Salve Jorge” and “Malhação”. In “A Fazenda 2021”, the actor said that he wants to show his personality to the public, who only know him through characters.

Recently, he was involved in a controversy with his brother, Igor Palhano, who discovered at the end of 2019 that he is also the comedian’s son — he asked in court to block the brothers’ assets.

Victor pectaro

Famous for his performances in soap operas such as “Chocolate com Pimenta”, “Os Dez Mandamentos” and “Genesis”, he has already accumulated experience in other realities, such as “Dança dos Famosos” (TV Globo) and “Bake Off SBT” (SBT) .

Last year, Victor pectaro he ran for the position of councilor in the municipality of São Caetano do Sul, in Greater São Paulo. The actor, however, received only 71 votes and was not elected.

A Fazenda 13: See confirmed participants in the new edition of the reality show

Adriane Galisteu’s debut in “A Fazenda”

After two successful seasons under the command of Marcos Mion, the program is now hosted by Adriane Galisteu. In a recent interview to “Morning Show”, by Jovem Pan, she commented on the expectation for the new challenge.

I will find my path, my tone and my way. The fact that I’m the first woman to present this reality show excites me too, because we’re not better, but we have a different view than you guys. [homens]. It’s different from the role I had before, of picking a fight, choosing my favorite. My role now is to tell you the story, to pay attention.