Ship runs aground in the Suez Canal | World

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said the bulk carrier was briefly stranded in the northern section of the pass, but was refloated and had no impact on traffic.

According to SCA, the vessel suffered a temporary problem when crossing the channel, but the ships behind it were diverted into a parallel channel so that traffic was not interrupted.

The Coral Crystal ship has a Panamanian flag and carries a load of 43,000 tons towards the Mediterranean Sea.

In March, the mega-cargo Ever Given completely blocked the canal for six days and caused hundreds of ships on both sides of the pass to become congested. (remember the video below).

VIDEO: The main images of the megaship that closed the Suez channel for 6 days

VIDEO: The main images of the megaship that closed the Suez channel for 6 days

Ever Given ran aground on the southern section of the Suez Canal, where there is no parallel passage, so it ended up completely blocking traffic.

The Suez Canal is 193 km long and it is the main (and shortest) maritime link between Asia and Europe, through which around 12% of global trade passes through the local area..

The alternative is to go around the whole of Africa, through the Cape of Good Hope, which makes the journey between the ports of the Gulf and London twice as long and adds one to two weeks to the trip.

About 50 ships pass through the channel a day, which represents almost a third of the world’s container ship traffic, and the route concentrates a large part of the oil transported by sea.

It was inaugurated in 1869, to connect the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, it is one of the most used ship routes in the world and has the capacity to receive giant ships of up to 240 thousand tons.

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