Sonia Abrão cries live when announcing the death of Dudu Braga: ‘I can’t believe it’

the presenter Sonia Abram he couldn’t contain his emotion and was moved to tears this Wednesday afternoon (8) when he received the news of the death of Dudu Braga, son of the singer Roberto Carlos, victim of a cancer of the peritoneum.

Sonia was returning to her bench in the program “A Tarde É Sua”, on RedeTV!, when she was startled when faced with a note reporting the death of Dudu, at 52 years of age.

“Oh no! Our! Sorry, sorry, sorry… He died?! Dear life! I knew he was bad, but not that he was… I can’t believe it, guys!”, said the presenter.

Thrilled by her friend’s death, she was unable to read the note and switched to the text for Vladimir Alves to read.

“I think it was last week that he left a message for us here… Oh my God!”, Sonia said, quite shaken. Next, she called a break.

On her Instagram, the presenter posted a video that the producer had sent to her, talking about the treatment she had been doing for cancer and thanking Sonia Abrao for her affection.

“BYE DUDU! That was your last message to us, a month ago, when the situation got worse and you kept your faith! The cancer was faster and I didn’t give it another chance! Ah, Dudu, my dear friend of so many moons!!! Good words, sincere affection, kindness in person, even when life was pounding! I’m here until now without knowing how to say goodbye! I don’t want to, but goodbye is imposed! I leave my kiss and my prayer! May your trip be sweet and light, as you always were!”, wrote the presenter.

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Death of Dudu Braga

The 52-year-old music producer died of peritoneum cancer. The information was confirmed by journalist Fefito on the program “Mulheres”, on TV Gazeta, and by Boninho, director of Globo and a personal friend of Dudu.

Since September last year, he had been fighting a cancer of the peritoneum (membrane that surrounds the abdominal wall). This is the third diagnosis of Dudu’s disease, which won two battles with pancreatic cancer in 2019.

Dudu Braga leaves his wife Valeska Braga, to whom he has been married for 17 years, and Laura, the couple’s 5-year-old daughter.

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