Stumble and gaffes mark live pedestrian promotion

The special edition of “Hoje em Dia” held live to publicize the list of seven participants of “A Fazenda 13” was marked by improvisation and tight skirts that did not go unnoticed.

Upon entering the studio, the director of the reality show, Rodrigo Carelli, almost fell in the middle of the stage. He tripped on a step. “I’ve already fallen here,” he said.

Ticiane Pinheiro, who presented the program alongside César Filho, got confused with a clue about one of the new pawns, Mussunzinho. The tip was: son of Trapalhão. The presenter thought it was the singer Mumuzinho.

Mussunzinho is in A Fazenda 2021 - Reproduction / Record TV - Reproduction / Record TV

Mussunzinho is in A Fazenda 2021

Image: Playback / Record TV

“Luciana Gimenez is on the other side!”

“I messed up,” said the presenter. In the tip about Liziane Gutierrez, before she was announced, Tici surprised her by mentioning Luciana Gimenez, presenter of RedeTV!.

The clue was: know Rod Stewart. “Luciana Gimenez is on the other side, not Rod Stewart,” declared Ticiane. As everyone knows, Gimenez has a child from his relationship with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

Look at the merchan!

Entering live via video to be quizzed by journalists, Mussunzinho ended up doing a merchan on his own by answering if he likes to drink beer.

“I’m a brewer, I like to have a booze, but it’s very quiet. Even more so if it’s Cacildis, it’s me,” he said, to the surprise of the presenters of “Hoje em Dia”.

annoyed bil

Bil will go to 'A Fazenda 13' after participating in 'No Limite' - Play/Multishow - Play/Multishow

Bil will go to ‘The Farm 13’ after participating in ‘No Limite’

Image: Playback/Multishow

Another important moment was the annoyance of ex-BBB Arcrebiano, Bil, who will also be in “A Fazenda 13”.

The director of the reality show made fun of him having given up on other realities, but he didn’t like it and said he couldn’t reveal why he asked to be voted in “No Limite” for contractual reasons with Globo.

“Due to contractual issues, I can’t say this in public. It was by vote, but they had physical health problems. I can’t mention that. People don’t know the other side of the coin. That’s not my problem anymore,” he fired.