Taleban adopts social media in campaign to ‘clean image’

Taliban forces in Kabul in photo from 31 August

Credit, Reuters

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Taliban forces in Kabul in photo of 31 August; radical group rejected technology and media, but now recognizes their importance

But the Taleban also took another initiative, this one most unusual in the group’s history: its members launched a broad social media campaign.

A network of social media accounts highlighted alleged failures of the then pro-Western government in Kabul, while extolling Taleban achievements.

Tweets reported the group’s most recent victories – sometimes prematurely – and promoted different hashtags, such as (in Portuguese) #crimesdoregimedeCabul (associated with tweets accusing the Afghan government of war crimes, and which was among the “trends” in time it was used); #estamoscomTaleba (in an attempt to garner support) and another that said “God help victory is at hand”.