Technology that filters résumés prevents millions of people from getting jobs, says Harvard study – Época Negócios

Software used by companies to filter candidates' resumes prevents about 27 million people from getting jobs (Photo: Anna Shvets/Pexels)

Software used by companies to filter candidate resumes prevents about 27 million people from getting jobs (Photo: Anna Shvets/Pexels)

Software that automatically filter resumes are increasingly used by companies in their selection processes, but the system is not very positive for job seekers. A report from the Harvard Business School in partnership with the Accenture pointed out that the tool prevents about 27 million people from finding a Work.

According to the document, up to 75% of companies currently rely on technology for selective processes, and many of them reject viable candidates when following automated commands.

The research team refers to “hidden workers” as hard-working job seekers and constantly discarded by “hiring processes that focus on what they don’t have rather than on the value they have. they can take (as their capabilities)”, the text said. Among the most affected groups are caregivers, immigrants and people with disabilities.

The software selects résumés based on company-defined skills, which academics say ranks candidates according to what they lack in their résumés, not what they can add to that particular role.

The researchers also spoke with 8,000 “hidden workers” and 2,250 executives from the UK, the US and Germany. The conclusion was that the covid-19 pandemic helped to open up the problem, but that finding a job was already difficult even before the crisis.

To help, the team made recommendations to organizations that can prevent good candidates from being dropped by software. Investing in filters that are more “affirmative” than negative, in order to emphasize the person’s skills rather than just focusing on the experience, was one of them.

In addition, they consider it important to streamline the application processes in order to attract more interested parties, and ask companies to explain whether the person looking for a job can expect a return on the selection.

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