The number of states with truck driver protests on federal highways reaches 14

Blockade in Garuva (SC) this Wednesday morning 8. Photo: Reproduction

Blockade in Garuva (SC) this Wednesday morning 8. Photo: Reproduction

Truckers who support the president Jair Bolsonaro held, on Wednesday 8, demonstrations and blockades on federal highways in at least 14 states. The number appears in a bulletin released at 8:30 pm by the Ministry of Infrastructure, with information from the Federal Highway Police. The previous statement, at 5:30 pm, confirmed the mobilization in 8 states.

The movement endorses the anti-democratic acts promoted by pocketnaristas and encouraged by the president on 7 September. According to Infraestrutura, “117 incidents have already been dealt with, with a concentration of people and attempts to block total or partial highways during the last few hours.”

The National Association of Cargo Transport and Logistics released a note this afternoon in which it criticized the blockages. According to NTC, “this is a movement of a political nature and dissociated even from the banners and claims of the category itself, so much so that it does not have the support of the National Confederation of Autonomous Transporters”.

According to the Infrastructure, “the PRF is located in all the identified locations and works to guarantee free flow with the tendency to end mobilizations by 12:00 am on 09/09.”

Meanwhile, a small group of truck drivers and pocketmen stands in front of the National Congress – a holdover from yesterday’s mobilization. Participants display posters defending military intervention and threatening the Supreme Court.

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