‘They were totally unprepared,’ says Evaristo Costa about CNN’s departure

The tumultuous exit of Evaristo Costa gives CNN Brazil must be formally signed between the parties this Wednesday (8): the broadcaster decided terminate the contract, valid for another 15 months, with the journalist and settle the salary difference stated in the document. According to Evaristo, the house claimed, among other reasons, that it did not have advertising budget to continue investing in the attraction presented by him, the “CNN Original Series”, which was left out of the new schedule, announced recently.

“They claimed that they were unable to sell sponsorship for my program, but that is not my problem”, reported Evaristo, exclusively, to IstoÉ.

“I was fired the way I reported: I found out myself, watching the roll call for the new schedule and I didn’t see myself there. One day, before returning from vacation, I called and said they were no longer interested in my services unless I returned to Brazil, but this they knew I would not accept. Therefore, I believe that everything was already settled between them. I hung up the phone and the agreements were made between lawyers. In the meantime, they suggested that we jointly announce to the press that it was a mutually agreed cancellation and that this would be good for the image of both parties, in their words. I didn’t accept. There were still 15 months left when I was surprised. It wasn’t by mutual agreement. I was scheduled to be here in England for the recordings, as it is under contract”, commented the presenter.

For Evaristo, what he called “humanized dismissal” was lacking in the negotiations between him and CNN Brasil. “They were totally unprepared. I wasn’t the one who asked to work there, they came here to Cambridge to pick me up and accepted all my demands. I honored everything I promised,” he said.

After receiving the support of the presenter Marcos Mion, who compared his resignation from Record with that of Evaristo, the journalist received other messages about his attitude towards the situation. “Thousands of people identified with what I went through. We feel bad, with self-esteem on our feet. It’s not easy to put on your face and say: ‘I got fired’. It’s not easy to say even to your family, what about speaking openly on the internet? That’s why it was important to be truthful and show people that no one is free from being fired. What is questionable is the form. Good companies should even worry about how they are going to fire their employees. Nobody accepts disrespect anymore. Competent companies take good care of their reputation”, vented the journalist, without delaying the next professional steps.

“I leave with my head held high, with my image much stronger. I didn’t make a mistake and I was correct with my principles”, he concluded.