Thomaz says Pyong will have marriage problems

After the Extermination Mission and Rescue Mission tests, the participants of the “Island Record” returned to the house. During the celebration, Pyong drank too much and lost his wedding ring, which was commented by Claudinho and Thomaz.

“Pyong had a lot of beers,” said Any. “I saw him drinking champagne and even commented ‘look who said he didn’t drink'”, completed Antonela. “No, but I didn’t get drunk, I didn’t miss anything”, defended the artist.

“Only the ring, right?”, Tomaz countered. “Tell me about it. I’ll have to buy another one,” Pyong replied as he dined in the kitchen. The girls went to their room to unpack their bags while Claudinho and Thomaz continued talking to the entrepreneur.

The actor stated that the artist will have problems with his wife due to intimacy with Antonela.

“I was here, I kept watching… You were holding hands like this and she was stroking,” Thomaz stated while Pyong ate dinner. “Look, see how strange I am doing?”, he continued. “You,” said Pyong. “Oh, so she’s normal?” retorted Thomaz. “It’s weird. It was a wrong close-up, huh,” he justified.

Thomaz continued saying that the reality cameras focused on the hands of the two and that this situation will be the biggest controversy of the program. “I keep putting myself in my place, for example, if it were me and Nadja, and my girlfriend watching, you know? And Nadja all the time under the duvet holding hands, cuddling, hugging, kissing on the cheek, talking about the time whole.”

The participant also said that, in a conversation with Antonela, she revealed that she is in love with youtuber. “I came to her in exile and I exchanged an idea saying, ‘Oh Antonela, are you realizing that what you’re doing could harm Pyong?’ , she ‘Oh Pyong I don’t know what’, I said ‘Are you in love?’ she said ‘I’m’.

Pyong laughed at the situation and said that everything had been cleared up. “For me, that was it, it was the confinement, different relationship, type of alliance, friendship, with direct contact. And that’s it, it’s over.”

Moments after the conversation with the boys, the artist went to the model and commented on the situation. “We had some very beautiful close-up images in our hands,” he said. “Was it? How nice,” replied the businesswoman, stepping away from Pyong.