Threatened to lose their fortune, Virgnia Fonseca and Z Felipe buy a car worth almost R$ 500 thousand


Virginia Fonseca is being processed by ex boyfriend and can lose fortuneYeah, but she’s not worried and she just bought a real car.

Virginia Fonseca seems not to have been shaken after being sued for Pedro Rezende, your ex boyfriend, who is trying to take BRL 4 millionit’s out of your pocket because of a Breach of contract. That’s because, next to Z Philip, the influencer announced the purchase of a new luxury car and the value will surprise you a lot.

The announcement was made through Virgnia Fonseca’s YouTube channel, where Z Felipe’s wife, who recently opened up about a sexual abstinence that was suffering, sparked controversy after commenting on the alleged affair of her brother’s ex with Neymar. The car purchased was a Jaguar F Pace, which costs no less than about R$ 478 thousand, and can reach R$ 500 thousand. On the video, the couple explained that buying the car “was out of necessity”, as they have two other cars in the garage, but they are always busy because the family is so big:

“Here at home we have two cars, which belong to my mother. We needed another one because my mother has to go to the hospital, the other goes shopping, and I or Z Felipe were left without a car. We needed a car. One more car to stay with us, because our family is huge. There’s no way everyone can go out with us in a car because it doesn’t fit, and the advisors who walk with us end up taking up a lot of places.”, explained Virginia.

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Z Felipe also appeared on the video to comment on the news: “We needed a car here because the family is very large and I bought it. I don’t really care about the car, it was really out of necessity. The family just grew. In a little while, I’ll have to buy a bus.”, joked the son of leonardowho recently suffered from having their number leaked by John William, your brother.

Watch the video and see video details:

Influencer is being sued by ex boyfriend

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According to columnist Leo Dias, a lawsuit between Virgnia Fonseca and Rezende has been taking place since the beginning of this year and took place after the influencer broke her contract with ADR, her former boyfriend’s career management company, after the separation of the two. She allegedly filed a labor lawsuit against Pedro Rezende asking for the cancellation of the termination fine for leaving the company before the stipulated time, in addition to requesting the receipt of her labor rights, such as vacation, severance pay, FGTS and others.

Apparently Virgnia had tried to settle with the ADR, but the company refused the offer and decided to file this lawsuit against her, demanding payment of the fine for breaching the contract in full, without discounts. The order for only R$4 million and, in case he loses, Z Felipe’s wife could have a huge hole in her accounts. Leo Dias sought the advice of Rezende, who informed that he is not personally involved in the process:

“Personally, Rezende is not directly involved in this issue. It has partners in ADR, its influential marketing agency, who are dealing with these bureaucratic issues. The contract, which was unilaterally terminated by the influencer, is following the processing process The value of the cause is based on what the agency promoted to the influencer, that is, a fraction of what was generated in advertising and other earnings. Rezende reinforces that he is calm and prefers not to get involved with these issues. generating content and fostering other ADR agencies”.