Treated by Fux as a Nero, Bolsonaro plays the Lira amidst the fire – 08/09/2021

A day after Bolsonaro set fire to the situation on the 7th of September, an atmosphere of chaos was established in Praça dos Três Poderes. In response to the Planalto tenant’s threat to disobey court orders, Supreme Court President Luiz Fux said that the practice, as “illicit”, constitutes “a crime of responsibility to be analyzed by Congress.” In a statement read just before, the head of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, did not outline his intention to file a request for impeachment against Bolsonaro. On the contrary, it offered itself as a “bridge” to “dialogue”.

Senator Simone Tebet is responsible for the best translation of the scenario: “Nero will continue playing Lira, after setting Rome on fire.” Apart from the detail that an exhibition organized by the British Museum showed that the emperor could not have played his lyre while Rome was on fire, as he was not even in the city, the comparison is good.

In fact, Fux referred to the President of the Republic as if he endorsed The Economist magazine, which, in a recent edition, he nicknamed pocketbook the captain who presides over Brazil. Reacting to the president’s “ultimatum” to frame the “scoundrel” Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur of inquiries against him, under penalty of suffering “the consequences”, Fux felt the need to declare: “No one will close this Court”.

However, the timbre of Chief of Power seemed impotent. Although four criminal investigations involving Bolsonaro are running in the bins of the Supreme Court, Fux pushed the task of moderating the Plateau pyromaniac to the building next door. Under the Constitution, Congress acts as a court in impeachment cases. The Chamber opens the process for the crime of responsibility. And the Senate judges, in a session presided over by the head of the Supreme Court.

Simone Tebet reacted with optimism. He celebrated the fact that Fux made explicit reference to the President of the Republic in the excerpt of his speech in which he mentioned the crime of responsibility. “Clear message for the National Congress”, evaluated the senator. “Out of tune Nero’s Lyre.” The problem is that Arthur, the Lira, does not outline the intention of opening the drawer where he keeps more than 130 impeachment requests made against Bolsonaro, Nero.

If it depends on the mayor, Bolsonaro will continue striking matches at least until December 31, 2022, when his term ends. “The only unpostponable and unquestionable appointment we have on our calendar is set for October 3, 2022. With electronic voting machines,” said Lira. “It is in the polling booths, with secrecy and security, that the people express their sovereignty.”

Present at the Supreme Court session opened with the speech of Fux, the Attorney General of the Republic Augusto Aras, to whom the Constitution reserves the prerogative of proposing criminal actions against the president, saw on September 7 nothing more than “a civic party. ”

Ironically, Fux and Lira agreed on one point. Both believe that radicalization does not help Brazil to solve its real problems. The magistrate cited the pandemic, unemployment, inflation and the water crisis. The deputy mentioned gasoline at R$7, the dollar valued in excess, reducing expectations of economic growth.

To the dismay of the patriots, Bolsonaro became abstain of work. He said nothing about the “real problems” in the pronouncements he set fire to the “civic party.” Rome continues in flames, to the disjointed sound of Lira: “I’ll talk to everyone, of all Powers. It’s time to put a stop to this climb, in an infinite negative looping. Bravado in social networks, videos and an eternal platform are no longer one virtual element and began to impact the day-to-day of Brazil for real.”

Then, OK! It is understood that Bolsonaro got what he wanted. It turned Brazil into the ideal country for the realization of something entirely new. Chaos is not lacking.