Truck drivers block Régis Bittencourt Highway in Grande SP | São Paulo

Truck drivers partially blocked the Régis Bittencourt Highway, in Embu das Artes, in Greater São Paulo, this Thursday morning (9). The blockade started at dawn and ended around 9am.

The group protested in favor of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro and against the ministers of the Supreme Federal Court (STF). Around 7:00 am, trucks occupied two lanes of the road towards the city of São Paulo, causing more than 3 km of congestion. The opposite direction, towards Curitiba, in Paraná, was free.

The protest in Régis started around 4:30 am on this Thursday, according to Arteris, the concessionaire that manages the highway. Traffic was diverted into the city of Embu, causing vehicle congestion.

There are records of similar protests on at least four major highways in the state of São Paulo. On most of the affected roads, truck drivers allow the passage of cars, emergency vehicles and loads of perishable food.

There are also protests by truck drivers on roads in other states of the country.

See below the state highways affected by the demonstrations:

  • Anhanguera: The road was completely closed during the dawn of this farm. But around 8 am, there were two points of partial blockade with trucks occupying some lanes of the highway in Limeira, towards the capital and inland. The act caused about four kilometers of lines of vehicles on the road. At km 148, truck drivers left the left lane of the lane free for the traffic of cars, motorcycles, buses and ambulances. At km 143, the protest took place towards the capital of the road. The left lane was released.
  • President Dutra: around 11:30 pm on Wednesday (8), the south lane was blocked for trucks in the region of Caçapava. Other vehicles had free passage. But around 6:20 am on this Thursday there was no longer a roadblock.
  • Regis Bittencourt: The protest partially blocked the road at dawn on this Thursday, but ended around 9 am.
  • Beltway: demonstration in the region of the Riacho Grande neighborhood, in São Bernardo do Campo, on the ABC Paulista, stretch close to the Anchieta/Imigrantes system. Only emergency vehicles and automobiles can continue their journey.

The protests have also taken place in 15 other states in the country since Wednesday (8), according to the Ministry of Infrastructure: Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso, Goiás, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Tocantins , Rio de Janeiro, Rondônia, Maranhão, Roraima, São Paulo and Pará.

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