Trucks block Esplanade and press for invasion of access to STF and Congress | Brazil

The bias movement scammer of the president Jair Bolsonaro still alive physically in Brasilia, after the manifestation of September 7th. This Wednesday afternoon, more than a hundred trucks occupy the Esplanade of Ministries and are used to press for the overthrow of the block which gives access to the Federal Court of Justice (STF) and to National Congress.

The movement has the finger of agribusiness companies from Goiás, Santa Catarina and São Paulo. Most of the trucks parked at the central median and on the Esplanade lanes bear their identification.

Traffic is still blocked and, until the beginning of the afternoon, there was a large number of pocketnarista protesters in front of the ministries. The climate is one of hostility towards journalists and the military police who make the barrier that prevents access to the Supreme Court and Congress. Unlike this Tuesday, this Wednesday is a working day for the STF, with a vote scheduled for the plenary.

The STF ministers resume voting on the thesis of the timeframe for demarcating indigenous lands. The thesis, which directly alters the criteria for demarcation, with damage to traditional populations, is taken over by the Bolsonaro government and by the ruralist bench in Congress.

The Supreme is the main target of Bolsonaro and his supporters who attended the demonstrations in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The demonstrators who are still in Brasília, aboard trucks, openly speak of an invasion of the Supreme Court, closing the Supreme Court and imprisoning ministers, following Bolsonaro’s coup speech.

In the morning, protesters even tried to invade the Ministry of Health. Officials were frightened by the violence used by the president’s supporters, who tried to attack journalists.

On Monday night, trucks and buses knocked down two barriers set up by the Military Police (PM) and invaded the Esplanade. On the 7th, the entire demonstration was marked by strong pressure from truck drivers and demonstrators to bring down the last existing barrier, at the height of the Foreign Ministry. The pressure continues this Wednesday.

With vehicles running and honking, more protesters on the front lines, the pocket groups are trying to advance along the path that gives access to the STF and Congress. So far, the PM has been able to contain the attempted invasion.

The presence of trucks became a public safety problem that was difficult to solve. Members of the Public Security Secretariat of the DF hold meetings throughout the day to try to find a solution for the eviction of the Esplanade of Ministries.

Secretariat employees heard by the report report that there are four pocket movement movements registered with carte blanche to demonstrate on the Esplanade until the end of this Wednesday afternoon. The security authorities, however, are not getting in touch with their representatives to deal with the removal of the trucks from the Esplanade.

It was already clear to these authorities that most trucks and buses are not related to registered movements. It remains to be seen how it will be possible to remove them from the Esplanade, if there is no spontaneous exit. Many have the structure to stay on the road, with tents, kitchen equipment and food. And they spend the day repeating the wish and the threat of invasion to the STF.

The report counted 101 trucks parked at the construction site or on the two parallel lanes of the Esplanada dos Ministérios. And there is a pattern in these fleets: several vehicles have the same characteristics and belong to economic groups, as shown in the plot made on the cars.

At least four large trucks parked on the Esplanada carry the entries of the Brasil Novo Group, headquartered in Florianópolis. The company is specialized in road transport, with a good part of the services aimed at agribusiness.

Another 17 trucks carry the identification “Arroz e Feijão Grão Dourado”, a company headquartered in Piracanjuba, in the interior of Goiás. There are also three trucks that belong to two companies in the name of the same entrepreneurs: Irmãos Chiari Agropecuária and Dez Alimentos.

The report was unable to contact the companies. And, due to hostility towards the press, he decided not to approach those responsible for the trucks on the Esplanade.

A row of trucks was placed close to the grid that isolates Congress from end to end. Horns are made all the time. Protesters pressure the PM to release the access road to the STF and Congress.

Compared to September 7th, there are fewer police officers and fewer cars from the PM’s Shock Battalion in the shielding of the road sought by the Pocketnaristas.

Demonstration of truck drivers on Tuesday — Photo: Photo: Cristiano Mariz/O Globo