Unimed Hospital resets hospitalization for Covid-19 for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic

The Unimed Regional Hospital (HRU), in Fortaleza, for the first time since the beginning of pandemic in Ceará it does not have inpatients with Covid-19. The entity has zeroed the number of hospitalizations of this size between Tuesday, 7 and this Wednesday, 8. News was released and celebrated by the institution’s president, doctor Elias Leite, through a video posted on his Instagram profile .

As the representative, by the Unimed system there are nine patients hospitalized with the pathology in Fortaleza, of which five are in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). However, the Regional Hospital, between 00 hours of Tuesday and 00 hours of this Wednesday, did not register hospitalization for the disease.

“Today we have two patients hospitalized for Covid sequelae, but none with Covid, thank God,” said the doctor in the publication. In the same period analyzed, the HRU registered two discharges and still no deaths due to the disease. Until 00:00 on Tuesday, 35 patients suspected of having the disease were seen. In total numbers, the Hospital has accumulated 4,752 discharges.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic in Ceará, in March 2020, the HRU registered significant numbers of hospitalized patients with the disease, mainly during pandemic peaks. The fact was recalled by Elias, who went on to say that the hospital has always been responsible for about 60% of admissions in the capital and that it has registered more than 400 patients admitted in just one day.

“Some days I cried, out of sadness, out of tiredness, out of a feeling of frustration, out of fear of not being able to cope. Today I cried too, but out of joy […] I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but today is a day to celebrate. Our next goal is to eliminate the total number of hospitalizations in Fortaleza, yes, we’ll do it,” the doctor said in a post.

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