Vasco files a request with the STJD to challenge the match against Brasil de Pelotas | Vasco

This Wednesday, Vasco joined the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) with a request to challenge the match against Brasil de Pelotas that took place last Friday, valid for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão Series B.

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The request was sent directly to the president of the court, Otávio Noronha. In it, Vasco claims that the technical error (not marking the offside line in Daniel Amorim’s goal) was decisive for the final result of the match, which ended in a draw 1-1. Therefore, the club asks the STJD, also, the exclusion of the Series B VAR until CBF can guarantee “its full functioning”.

– Mistakes like this, without any doubt, tarnish the result of matches, bringing a huge imbalance to the sporting spectacle. For this reason, CR Vasco da Gama comes to this STJD to express his perplexity and deep indignation and protest that the VAR equipment will only be used again in Serie B matches of the Brazilian Championship, as soon as the CBF can guarantee the necessary conditions for its full functioning – says an excerpt from Vasco’s request sent to the STJD.

Vasco x Brasil de Pelotas — Photo: André Durão

At 37 minutes into the second half, Andrey hit a free kick on the crossbar and, on the rebound, Daniel Amorim sent it to the goal. On the field, assistant Cipriano Sousa raised the flag and signaled the offside. Referee Alisson Furtado then awaited the VAR’s review. Three minutes later, he confirmed the offside. The images of the lines, however, were not released.

+ Company that operates VAR in Series B denies technology error

On Monday, Vasco officials went to the CBF headquarters in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, to listen to the video referee’s audios and understand what happened. According to the club, it was proven that the lines were not drawn due to a technology error.

According to a statement from the STJD, alleging an error of law arising from the breach of the General Competition Regulation (RGC) and the protocol for using the VAR, Vasco requests:

  • The. The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) is notified to become aware of the entire content of the present case and to refrain from approving the result of the match in question until the judgment of the present demand;
  • B. The preliminary injunction is granted in order to determine that the CBF, through its competent department, make available the recording of audio and videos of the entire period related to the match in question.
  • ç. For the full merits of this Challenge of Match, so that the annulment of the match occurred on September 3, 2021 (Friday) is determined, valid for the 22nd round of the Brazilian Championship Series B against the Grêmio Esportivo Brasil team, in the form of item II of article 84 of the CBJD”.

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