Video shows moment when ex-BBB Fernanda Keulla is attacked by alligator in Pantanal de MS | Mato Grosso do Sul

Former BBC and presenter Fernanda Keulla was attacked and almost bitten by an alligator in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul. She participated in a Food Safary – a type of tourism that mixes trips to exotic places with appreciation of the local cuisine, in a recording for the online travel channel Hey Ho, on a farm in Aquidauana, in June this year, when the attack took place.

The video with the predator’s attack was recorded by the program’s team and this Wednesday (8) it went viral on social networks. See the images above.

During filming on the farm, she approached the riverbank where the animal was and was attacked. “I was in Pantanal to record for a travel channel where I am a presenter. And one of the mandatory tours of the farm where I was staying (Pequi) was to get to know the alligators. I’m a very brave person, I’m not afraid of anything, but the alligator caught everyone there by surprise”, he commented.

At the time of the “attack”, Fernanda Keulla was accompanied by Munhoz, from the backcountry duo with Mariano. He was the one who called attention to the approaching pussy.

“We took everything as a joke, I wasn’t scared. And it was my friend Munhoz who tried to save me there at the time, but it wasn’t necessary. I kept the moment in my memory and it is immortalized in the program’, celebrates Fernanda, who laughs when talking about the unusual situation.

In addition to getting to know the delights of local cuisine alongside chef Paulo Machado, author of the book Cozinha Pantaneira, and winner of the Battle of Estrogonofe, by Fantástico (2018), the ex-BBB has known, beyond Aquidauana, the crystal clear waters of Bonito.

Fernanda Keulla next to chef Paulo Coelho Machado — Photo: Fernana Keulla/Personal Archive

“As much as I knew it was a rich, exuberant place, I didn’t know the Pantanal. So it was my dream. And this diversity, both of animals and vegetables, made me impressed and, above all, aware of the importance of preserving this ecosystem”, reinforced Fernanda.

Fernanda takes the opportunity to raise an alert about the preservation of Pantanal animal life, which has been harmed by the fires that occur in the region.

“Alligators, in relation to destruction and droughts, burning, they are very affected. They die, crowd together. And it’s very sad to see a biome that is so balanced having all these problems because of man’s actions. I think it’s very important to talk about preservation.”

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